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Digital Marketin

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Do you want your brand seen by THOUSANDS to even MILLIONS online?


It can seem overwhelming trying to digest the endless information and learn the complex technology when building a brand online.


It's frustrating when your brand is unknown. 


Finally, watching a competitor dominate the online market with an inferior product, or service can be the most disheartening. 


Patrick Burns comes as a guide to help you overcome these challenges. 


He is a digital marketing consultant. Averaging MILLIONS of VIEWS every month from digital marketing.


From helping the development of your message to the tactical ways of distributing that message everywhere. He covers it all. Meanwhile making the steps simple so that you can execute them easily. 


"My dream is to make yours come true." 


- Patrick Burns
Digital Marketing Consultant
Founder of Patrick Burns Co.

Pain Points 



  • Lack of a clear brand image. 

  • Lack of online presence. 

  • Lack of leads. 

  • Lack of online sales.

  • Wasted capital on advertising spend. 

  • No connections with industry leaders.

  • Received misguided "advice." 

  • Creative is stagnant. 

The Cure


Gain an understanding of what your brand represents, and how to clearly convey that message to the public.


Learn how to effectively execute your digital marketing efforts to save time, and have the most impact. 


Be introduced to industry leaders, writers, and media outlets to create more opportunities. 


Have consistent guidance on your marketing so that you stay on the right path to results. 


Learn different tools, and methods to make sure your creativity keeps flowing in your content. 

client reviews


Patrick was insightful about how to build my brand through social media. His approach is cut, and dry with no fluff. He values your time and makes the material easy to understand. Finally, his personality makes the sessions entertaining, and fun! I highly recommend his consulting service! 

—  Marie Purser, REALTOR® | Co-Owner Purser Hardwood Floors | Commercial-Residential | Luxury Real Estate |

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