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What Makes the Superior Strategist?

February 6, 2018

What makes the superior strategist? Here are six characteristics. 


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1. An Illusion artist.


There is strength where there is a perceived weakness. There is a weakness where there is a perceived strength. If a sense of power is put in the opponent's hands it’s merely a mirage. Smoke and mirrors are all that can be seen.


2. Has a plan for all scenarios.


A pessimist, realist, and an optimist. The strategist is prepared for all situations with a calculated methodical approach. They cannot be caught off guard.


3. Rattles opponents.


The strategist is the ultimate instigator. They know every button to push so their opponent can never be at ease. This allows them to call the shots because the opponent is in a reactive state of mind.


4. Values Intel.


To win the game one must know the EVERYTHING about the rules, and all the players involved. Ignorance is a pain. A pain that the strategist never feels.


5. Knows there is action in stillness.


When developing, and integrating a master plan it’s similar to setting up dominoes. It takes a lot of time to place them in best manner. Once they are set only one action is needed to produce a giant chain reaction. The strategist sits back to watch it unfold.


6. Is unpredictable.  


If the opponent is closing in, it’s time to break up the flow of things. Being unpredictable makes it impossible to prepare for the strategist's next move. They zig where one would think they will zag, and vice versa.


I hope this enhances your strategy skills, and make you more equipped when facing one of these types.


Unless, all these points are mere decoys. ;)





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