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2 Sales Strategies That Have Nothing to Do with Selling

April 21, 2018

Opposed to conventional belief, getting a sale has more to do with everything besides the actual transaction. It has to do with a mutual understanding. To reach this point there are two key elements you must focus on. Here is what they are. 


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1. Listening 


When first communicating with a prospect imagine yourself as a human sponge for information. Most sales professionals want to immediately jump into the pitch for their product, or service.This is all wrong. It puts the relationship in an overbearing state as opposed to an emphatic one. You must understand their current situation so you can adapt to provide a solution that fits perfectly. 



2.  Teaching


Teaching the prospect is beneficial in three ways. First, it gives you added credibility of what exactly you are selling. Second, it reframes the prospect of addressing problems that they did not know existed. Finally, it builds a relationship of goodwill and reciprocity. Prospects will see your mission is more about educating than selling. Which makes you more respectable. They also will be more likely to reach an agreement to work together by repaying for your expertise. 



Conclusion:​ By not focusing on the transaction more transactions will take place. Go from the learner to teacher relationship throughout the sales process. Only then will you become an outstanding seller. 



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