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What the Smartest CEOs Do When Building Their Personal Brand

May 5, 2018

"Can I outsource all of my content marketing? I mean I have more important things to do than worry about content," says CEO. I understand the top level CEO's have a lot on their plate, and you can outsource some of your online presence. The thing is you can't outsource all of it. 


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Even billionaires still produce their tweets and come up with what selfie to post on Instagram. It's essential for you to always have a touch on your companies brand and your relationship with it. 


I am going to list off aspects from CEO's that are effectively using content marketing so you can get the formula on what it really takes to build a personal brand online. 


 Image Credit: Virgin.com



Richard Branson


 Branson's blog is very active. Averaging two posts per day. He does a great job of giving life lessons from a higher perspective. It's the platform where he can talk about the social issues he is passionate about resolving. You will be up to date with different events he's affiliated in. He is still doing what he does best with media stunts. Check out this fun video with him, and Connor McgregorHumor is a unique ingredient when building your personal brand.  


Image Credit: Mashable


John Legere


Like Branson, Legere has intertwined his brand with T-mobile well. I mean the guy is wearing pink, and black T-mobile apparel every day. He brings out the competitive spirit from his audience. He also creates consistent content on specific days. Such as #tmobiletuesday and #slowcookersunday. #Slowcookersunday is a perfect example of how to humanize your brand. He brings his audience into his kitchen live to prepare the dish of the week. 


 Image Credit: David Yellen



Reid Hoffman

Podcasting is coming back as one of the most used mediums. Reid Hoffman Co-Founder of LinkedIn hosts the show Masters of Scale. Hoffman interviews business leaders on critical principals that have led to their success such as (Sara Blakely  Founder of Spanx, Howard Schultz Founder of Starbucks, Media Titan Barry Diller, and others.)


If you want to understand the ecosystem of Silicon Valley, then look no further. Having Hoffman converse with other founders that built social networks like (Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook, Caterina Flake Co-Founder of Flickr, Ev Williams Co-Founder of Twitter and Medium) will help you understand what brings in users, and how to build an online community.  



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Image Credit: Yahoo Search


Elon Musk


Musk is somewhat active with his online presence, although he does not use Facebook. Why Did Elon Musk Delete His Facebook Pages? He keeps things exciting with his latest projects in action on Instagram.  


He likes to have fun, and keep things light with his brand by taking some offset pictures/videos. Being approachable is critical when using social media. He engages with his customers on Twitter to make sure any complaints are handled in the best manner. 






Image Credit: Entrepreneur


Gary Vaynerchuck


Vaynerchuk is also known as Gary Vee is one of the most diversified personal brand presences. His quantity of content and engagement is unmatched. He is on every platform imaginable in the social media space. (Sticher, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, even playlists on Spotify)


Let's focus on what sets him apart from other CEO's listed. VIDEO CONTENT. He is leveraging video content heavily and call to action with it. Videos are uploaded to his Youtube channel daily, and his Instagram stories or Snaps on Snapchat will have a call to action swipe ups daily, driving attention to a set location. You'll be sure to stay ahead of the social media curve following him.




Never underestimate the value of building your personal brand presence. Many times individuals will do business with those they feel the most connected to, and these are ways to cultivate that connection. By taking different components of each of the entrepreneurs listed above, and adding your ingredients you can create a powerful formula for your personal brand as a CEO. 





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