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How to Knockout the Competition in Business

June 27, 2018


Business can be a brutal sport that separates the best from the rest. You must be ready to enter the ring everyday against your competition. I want to give you a fighting chance by diving deeper into the variables that make a business professional extremely successful. By understanding these you'll be able to get the full picture of who you need to evolve into, and what assets must be acquired. 


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Here are 7 Key Categories to Help You Knockout the Competition  



Here's analogy. We have two individuals attempting to build a house. One has a hammer and nails. The other has a nail gun. Now, it's obvious who will complete the task more efficiently. However, it shows how vital it is to acquire the best tools that aid you in achieving your goals. You must invest in obtaining them, or you'll be left behind. 



What makes Amazon such a successful business? No, it's not their marketing or advertising. It's their systems. The ability to ship, and packages so effectively give them an unmatched advantage. Also, the buy with one click is genius. By eliminating complicated steps in purchasing, processes will dramatically increase the number of purchases. 




Talent is something your born with, and skills come from practice. Think of Pablo Picasso. A woman once asked him to create a drawing of her. He did it within 5 minutes. The lady asked, "How much it would be to buy it?" He states, "$5,000." She replies, "What? It only took you 5 minutes to do." He says, "Yes, but it took thousands of hours of practice for me to do that. "



We all know knowledge is power, but I want to take this a step further. Having an astronomical amount of knowledge in your field is going to put you ahead of many competitors. The problem is it will not lead to much differentiation between you, and them. I suggest that you acquire knowledge from other fields that can correlate with your domain, this gives a unique perspective that will put you in a different league entirely.



Mindset/Work Ethic

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face," Mike Tyson. Can you handle the punches that come from being in business? If so, you'll go farther in the fight than many competitors can. The ability to push past all pain, stress and limiting beliefs will be crucial in how successful you are. 



The more people you know, the farther you can go.  The size of your following/team, the relationships with industry leaders, and peers that you can collaborate with is all relevant. You must also understand the depth of the connections you create is also crucial. Be genuinely connecting in an authentic way you'll notice how word of mouth spreads. Sharing resources in collaborative works it huge. Someone can have an area perfected that you need help with, and vice versa. 



Money talks, we all know this saying but what does it mean. It means you can acquire all the previous categories. You can purchase the best tools, create the best systems, buy the best coaches/mentors/studying material, and afford events to make new connections. I listed it last because if you can creatively acquire many those things without money, you have harnessed the ability to be resourceful, which no matter what level you are at is vital. Also, you will be a better steward with capital that you gain. 



Success has a more than one variable involved to obtain it. As long as you can clarify, and enhance these variables listed above your competition won't have a chance against you. Be well rounded, and bring everything you can to the table. Only then will victory be yours! 


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