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How to Be Entertaining with Personal Branding

August 29, 2017


Okay, so let's go through a scenario. Imagine you are wanting to go to a concert. Not just any concert. Your VERY FIRST concert. There is a band let's called them "KISS" playing two separate shows in your area. Both shows will play the exact same sets. The only difference is their stage presence. Now look at the following two photos, and think about which KISS you would want to see play.


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Now, this seems like an obvious choice. You're wanting to go to a concert to be entertained, and something about the second picture sparks your curiosity. So you buy tickets for KISS #2.


Let's spice this up even more. Before the concert, you need to vote. To be specific you need to vote for the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES. You do some quick research, and you find this guy.




For some reason, you can't turn away from Donald Trump. No matter your political stance you can't help to keep watching to see what he does next. So where the hell I am going with KISS, and Donald Trump?




When in a competitive market where attention matters you must know the power of the personal brand. People are drawn to entertaining figures no matter what profession they are in, and if you want to win in social media you better learn the ropes. Here are my top five ways to be entertaining with personal branding.


1. Be Authentic


Leverage your authenticity. There are over 7 billion people in this world, but just one you. Be honest, and open with your audience to gain their respect. In a world of phonies you'll win in the long term.


2. Be Controversial 


By bringing up things others won't, doing things that others are scared to do, you'll gain attention that others wish they could have. Hot button antics are what spark the most emotional response from an audience. Embrace them, and don't play it safe.


3. Be Dynamic


Have you ever watched a movie where there are so many twists, and turns you can't help but keep watching? This is the type of plot that will make your brand stick out. Bring people to your personal, and professional side. Go to different places. Display different emotional situations. Create alter egos for yourself, and others around you.


4. Be Engaging


Interaction is key when entertaining your audience. Let their voice be heard sometimes. Let them step on your stage. This can be accomplished using shoutouts, likes, and comments. Also, you can make content where they have to participate in such as polls, or games.


5. Be Playful


Have fun with your brand. A sense of humor is going to make you more likable in the eyes of the public. No matter what you have achieved people love those that can step off their pedestal, and be funny at their own expense.




By combing all of these elements you will be sure to stand out from the crowd. Give people a show superstar! 



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