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6 Ways to Enhance Creativity

May 2, 2018

Creativity is one of the most elusive qualities you can harness. While some individuals are naturally wired in a creative minded way others need guidance to shatter the blocks that stop them from flourishing. I want to share strategies that will unlock your creativity! 


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1. Be Bored. 


Ever had a brilliant idea when you're in the shower? It's not a coincidence that this phenomenon happens. By not being engaged in day to day work you free your mind to spur up different ideas. Many criticize those daydreamers like they are unproductive bums. The truth is, in the dreamy moments is when creativity sparks. 


2. Change environment, or activity. 


Ever feel in a rut. Like you can't solve something so give up on it. You go do something else then BOOM! The breakthrough strikes! By changing your environment or activity you'll start making new mental connections.  


Credit: Patrick Burns 


"Good artists copy, great artists steal."

-Steve Jobs


3. Look at work from other creatives. 


It's not a negative act to give attention to other creative work. Artistry feeds from other artistry. Take a trip to an art museum. Find social media accounts from other creative types. Take something you see, and add your own touch to it! 


4. Be present.


You have to be fully immersed in your endeavor when making a creation. Don't be worried about the next task because it will drain any creative juices flowing. The best times I have created something is when I lived in the present. Seeing through every detail in the process. 


5. Be spontaneous. 


Approaching life as an adventure automatically will put you in a creative frame of mind. Fast Company breaks this down scientifically in the article, "Why Openness To Experience Is The Key To Creativity."  Be a YES man or woman to see how it will change your work see what insights come to you!  


6. Put yourself in an intense idea generation mode.


Sometimes when we are pressured in a time constraint our mind will go on idea spree. Try to brainstorm ideas rapidly in a set about of time. Like a musician that has to produce a certain amount of tracks by a deadline. It will stretch, and strengthen your ability to create on the spot. 




Be experimental with all methods listed about that can cultivate creativity. The more variety you have in your practice the more likely you'll find your creative sweet spot! 


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