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6 Ways to Attract More Website Traffic

April 15, 2018

Credit: The Social Network


The term "build it and they will come" DOES NOT apply to gaining traffic to your website. You must leverage all tools, and tactics necessary to be successful in the online market. This means gaining traffic while directing it correctly to get conversations, and conversions started. No matter how good your product or service is it cannot sell without attention. 


Throughout my journey, I have tried numerous amounts of ways to increase my website traffic. I will humbly admit not all gave me the results I hoped for. On the other hand, these 6 ways I am sharing did work! So save your time, and learn from my trial/error process. 



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Here are 6 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic


1. Implement an email signature with links.


Every email you send is an opportunity to get traffic to your website. By adding an email signature you have increased the likelihood of contacts visiting your site. Here is an example of mine using Gmail



Here is the link for step by step instructions on how to create an email signature with Gmail. 


If you use another email service just replace "Gmail" with your provider in the search bar. 


2. Integrate Email Marketing. 


Email marketing is a sure fire way to retain attention from anyone visiting your site. The way to begin a relationship with a potential customer using email marketing is by giving away value for free such as (Ebook, Newsletters, Checklists, Merchandise, etc.)


Here are the 7 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2018)



3. Add website link to all social media accounts.


Everyone these days is active on social media. The trick is to not waste the attention you gain from using it. It's so simple, but many don't make the effort to make sure every profile has their website address. 




4. Blog


Blogging is the most direct way to get website visitors. Social media posts will get attention on the platform, but many times it doesn't lead to website visitors. Use Buzzsumo to see what types of blog subjects are popular in your niche. 



5. Make sensational SEO friendly headlines


This step is a combination of using the ways media has drawn attention for decades with modern day technology. You want your blog to have headlines that get a strong emotional response. Laughter, excitement, or anger are the three biggest emotions to get people to share the content. To be SEO friendly add a number such as (6 Ways, Top 5, or 10 Best etc.) Also, add in keywords that are directly correlated with the blog's content.



6. Integrate Push notifications 



Push notifications is the new marketing tactic gaining serious traction. It is a way to let website visitors be notified when you produce any new content, or product. Make sure to ask permission on all your website pages if your visitors would like to allow push notifications. I recommend using either Subscribers or PushEngage.


Want to allow my push notification? (Not mobile ready yet)










Conclusion: By adding these 6 tactics, and tools there is nothing stopping your success. Gaining attention requires you to be a lifelong learner. You must know the practices that stand the test of time with modern technological advances 


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