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4 Reasons Why Pain is Necessary to Reach Greatness

June 20, 2018

Pain is something that we all experience through life's journey. We are conditioned to want to steer away from it. I want to break down why developing a deeper relationship with pain will transcend into more significant accomplishments in both your personal, and professional life.


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Here are my 4 Reasons Why Pain is Necessary to Reach Greatness


It's critical in the problem-solving phase.


Pain is a way to indicate that your thoughts and actions are misaligned with the desired outcome you wish to have. Take those cues, reflect, dissect, and try different methods to get your target result. Once you achieve the result, rinse, and repeat. 


It will give you a competitive advantage. 


An individual's will is what separates the elite from the ordinary, by enduring more pain you increase your competitive advantage. Think of it as walking through fire. Once you get to the other side, many will not be able to reach you because of a weak will. Embrace problems that require a high pain threshold. 


It can be one of your biggest drivers. 


If we feel the pain, we will do everything in our power to make sure we never get in the situation where it was felt. I believe this is one of the most significant catalysts in many rags to riches stories. Individuals who grow up in a harsh and scarce environment make it their life mission to leave it for something better as well as help others in the same circumstances. 


Your trials bring you closer to your audience. 

This point is more focused on the aspect of pain advantage to personal branding. People want to be inspired through your work, but they also want you to be relatable. If you can't be relatable, then there is no deep connection developed.  It also makes for a better story to bring up troubles and overcoming them. So be open to the bring to surface those vulnerabilities of in aspects of your life.






The best example is Batman. Bruce Wayne loses his parents from a mugger that shoots them. Wayne is a scarred individual that has an experience which makes him troubled, humbled, and draws us in to see how he develops after that trauma. That event consistently replays in his mind on what he could have done at that moment not to allow that to happen. Wayne uses that experience to drive him to fight crime. He undergoes intense training to ensure that criminals can not stand a chance from this skill set, and will. From then on he becomes our hero cleaning the streets of crime in Gotham. 




By embracing the benefits that pain can truly have on our lives, we can develop a healthier and productive relationship with it. I challenge you to expose it, embrace, and push forward through it. You'll become a better version of yourself, connect people to your heart, and you'll be a hero in their eyes. 


Share a painful story in the comments below. It's time for you to come to grips with it so you can be great. I support your greatness! 


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